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N-fuse your web presence with skill, creativity and a fresh approach. My name is Nick Hill and I work on computers. I live in rural Union County, North Carolina, just a hop, skip and a jump to Charlotte, NC. I have been working with computers in some fashion since high school and professionally since college. As a graduate of Wingate University, I've used my Math and Computer Science BS for several jobs. If you want to see some proof of my passion for technology, just check out the floor of my bathroom. PC magazines and Tiger Direct catalogs everywhere. My wife will agree, my interest in computers is deeper than "just a job."

More about me? Well, I put my pants on one leg at a time, just like you...except when I do it, I make gold records. (insert link here). But seriously, I have been happily married for 5 years and just celebrated my son's first birthday. Our home is also shared with a smart and sneaky dog named Toby (a German Shepherd/ Golden Retriever Mix) and Monty (a fickle feline with a pretty mean streak). My wife and I are both artists at heart, she as a teacher with paint and me with Photoshop. My interests add depth to my computer knowledge, which I believe to be an asset. As far as skills, there is CSS, PHP, HTML, XHTML and enough extra acronym soup to feed a third world country. Passionate, quiet, thoughtful, innovative. Need more cowbell? Consider me the man for the job.

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